20th August 2018

Work Placement at Mploy Solutions

We have just said goodbye to Emily Hitchen who joined us for her 5 week work placement. Emily is a student at the University of Chester in her second year studying Events Management & Marketing and joined our Operations Team to gain some valuable experience helping to put theory in to practice. Here's Emily's blog about her time spent with the team.

"The five weeks that I have spent here at Mploy has given me a unique experience learning what it is like to work hosting events for schools. As a second year Events Management and Marketing student at the University of Chester, this placement has been really useful in my personal development and has provided me with an excellent opportunity to put into practice what I have been learning on my university course.

I have been working on the events that Mploy host on behalf of schools such as Mock Interviews.  My role has included contacting employers, preparing resources and attending events to assist in making sure that the day runs smoothly. This has provided me the opportunity to work in an area that I have previously not had any experience in.  It has been an excellent opportunity to see how these types of events are run from start to finish.  Engaging employers has been a big part of my role here, this aspect has been useful as making them want to come to the events and really selling the opportunity to them is helpful when developing the skills that I have learned in the marketing modules I have taken, and this skill I will be able to take forward with me.

The work that I have done here has provided me with a unique chance to look at an area that I have not had a chance to experience before. This has meant that I have been able to take what I have learned at university and adapt it into the projects that I have worked on here.

Overall the experience that I have had here whilst on work placement here at Mploy has helped me gain a practical experience that I will be able to take and use whilst at University and later on after I graduate."

Thanks for your hard work Emily and we all wish you the very best for the future!