6th September 2018

Jobs of the Future

Approximately 50% of young people will occupy a job that is yet to even be created, that’s according to the World Economic Fund. It begs the question, how can we properly prepare learners for a landscape that is impossible to anticipate? Well, let’s focus on the skills that have been and always will be critical to any job role.


  1. Versatility – Being able to adapt to change is at the top of this list for a reason. It’s the key factor when assessing how well someone can perform under pressure and respond to a change in any given situation.

  2. Interpersonal Skills – We’re all different. To expect every human being to get along perfectly with every other human on the planet is crazy. However, what will always be expected of our ‘employees of tomorrow’ is to find a way to work together.

  3. Communication – One of the most valuable assets anyone can have. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively, but also take on board what it is that your colleagues are asking of you, is pivotal to succeeding in any career.

  4. Confidence - Entering into the unknown can be a scary thing. That’s why having an outwardly confident attitude is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Confidence is built, step-by-step over time.


Work Experience can be the key for learners to properly develop these 4 life skills. The more exposure we can give our young people to new experiences, meeting different people and forging successful working relationships;  the more confidence they will have and ultimately the better prepared they will be for the brave new world that awaits them.