24th October 2018

Why go Digital with Work Experience Programmes?

You may have noticed that the new academic year has seen the launch of MAPS – our new digital platform. It’s been quite a journey from idea to delivery. Introducing a platform that is user friendly and streamlined yet able to handle the complexities of work placements for students, colleges, schools and employers is no mean feat. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the reasons for this change and in turn hope to explain the benefits both short and long-term that such an approach can have for Learners and Educational providers alike.

So why now?

Digital technology has transformed the world. That is something that cannot be disputed. Entire industries have been born from the ‘Digital Age’ in which we now live, changing the economic and social landscape for ever. Companies like UBER or Airbnb have disrupted their marketplaces and forced change in an industry that has been more or less the same for the last 20 years.  Whether that change is a wholly positive thing in all aspects of our lives is probably still up for debate, however it is a change that can provide many of us with huge opportunities and both professional and personal growth. This is something we touched on in our September blog ‘’Jobs of the Future’’.

It’s important to consider that according to the Education Policy Institute (EPI) British children are accessing the internet at increasingly younger ages. “Nearly a third (27.6%) of young people in the UK were 6 years old or younger when they first used the internet. In some countries, children under 15 are as likely to use the internet as adults over 25’’ the thinktank says. This would suggest that there is an increasing need to communicate with young people using digital means, earlier and more effectively especially if we expect them to fully engage with a topic.

So what is MPLOY’s response to this changing culture?

We provide a whole range of bespoke work experience programmes for mainstream schools, special schools, colleges and other learning providers.  Our new digital platform MAPS has enhanced our offer. Its very design allows for efficient management and monitoring of work placements across all devices - PC, tablet or smart phone.  Students are able to log in and access details of their work experience placement by simply taking out their phone and logging in to their accounts. Schools and colleges are able to demonstrate evidence fully and clearly to meet Ofsted requirements, via MAPS’ user-friendly reporting software. Employers can register their business quickly and effectively at the touch of a button. These are the immediate benefits, but looking to the future the positive impact will be an increased ability to adapt and change to the demands of our customers. The platform allows us to add in extra functions, if and when a demand is presented to us. MAPS represents a change in approach to work experience programmes and with that in mind; we are also offering free training, learner preparation and registration sessions for all current or new customers.

If you would like to see how MAPS could work for you please get in touch via the contact page on our website, email info@mploysolutions.co.uk or call 01606 828382 and a member of the team will be happy to help.