15th November 2018

CASE STUDY – From Year 10 fast forward to an Apprenticeship!

From being a Year 10 student on an Alternative Provision curriculum at The Whitby High School, Connor Smith is now working in Construction for Alan Williams Builders Ltd, Ellesmere Port and undertaking a Level 2 qualification in Construction Skills.

So how did this all happen?

Connor was always interested in construction as a future career and as part of the Alternative Curriculum programme  he was studying was offered the chance of an extended work experience placement one or two days per week from Year 10 alongside GCSE’s. MPLOY worked with him to assess his aims, aspirations and interests in order to source a bespoke placement with Alan Williams Ltd. Alan was keen to give a local student the chance to see if a career in construction was the right path in the future. The work place was vetted by Alex Mack a Health and Safety Assessor at MPLOY and after all arrangements were made Connor began his placement.

He had the opportunity to undertake various aspects of building work such as plastering, ground works, window fitting and plumbing which put him in a great position to help decide if it was for him! Even more experience was gained through a second work experience with a large renovation company who gave very positive feedback. MPLOY supported both employers and Connor throughout with regular reviews and guidance including feeding back to school about the positive progress.

As Connor moved into Year 11 he then returned to Alan Williams Ltd as they were keen to have him back, and interested in finding out more about Apprenticeships. Alan wasn’t sure about how to go about employing an Apprentice so MPLOY visited them to talk through how it all works, and then put them in touch with a local training provider. Once everything was in place, Connor was offered an apprenticeship at the end of Year 11 and truly hasn’t looked back! He is now into the second year of his Apprenticeship and is continuing to grow and thrive.

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