3rd January 2019

2019- New Year’s C.V.Tips

With 2018 now behind us, it’s important that we start 2019 as we mean to go on. For many this could include a spring clean, a chance to blow away the cobwebs and start the year feeling reinvigorated.

It could also be a good opportunity for many of us to look at our CVs. Particularly if you’re a student who is yet to create one, or a college student who is looking to add to one, the turn of the year is a time when we can take stock of our careers/educational choices thus far and see if we can make plans get to where we want to be.

So here are some hints and tips on improving your C.V:

Volunteering - This is a sure-fire way to improve your C.V. and these opportunities by their very nature are a lot easier to gain access to in comparison to paid work. List anything you have done, and be sure to sign up to anything that you’re interested in for the coming year.

Clubs and Societies - This is something you can mention on your C.V. especially if it demonstrates your ability to work as part of a team. There could also be an opportunity to mention what responsibilities you have as part of the team/society. For example washing the kits or organising the games.

Work Experience – If you’re in year 10 or above, the chances are that you will have some work experience to put on your C.V. Even if it was just for a week in a local business, this can be something you would be able to talk about at any interview you attend and may even provide you with some suitable references, depending on how the placement went.

Real Life Experiences – If, as a young person you are struggling to fill out your C.V. with any examples of work, why not draw on some of your real life challenges and show how you were able to overcome a problem. Make sure you choose something that displays your organisational or problem solving skills.