17th September 2019

Every Business Needs Work Experience!

Let’s start off with the facts. Most employers would say that having work experience on your CV is essential in landing a role at their company. Why then, is work experience sometimes undervalued when employers come to decide whether to offer it at their company? It makes sense that if it is essential for the candidate to have it, then it should be essential for the employer to provide it. It can be a misconception that businesses do not benefit from having a work experience student, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are some of the standout benefits that providing a work experience placement can bring to your business:

  • Time - By passing along those smaller jobs that inevitably slide down your to-do list, you’ll be more productive and motivated to get on with bigger tasks. It can also be a good opportunity to look at which of your current employees takes the chance to pass on advice and guidance to the student.


  • Knowledge - A student on work experience will likely have a very limited knowledge of the day-to-day workings of your business. This is your chance to pass on good working habits, show them what is expected and mould them into the type of person you want to employ.


  • Relationships - It is important for businesses to create links with local schools, colleges. Students represent your pool of future employees. By fostering good relationships with these establishments it can only bring positive outcomes in the long-haul.


  • New Life - Work experience students can offer a fresh perspective to your business, and allow you to recognise what qualities you are looking for in your next employee and indeed what you are not! When you are next looking to take on a new member of staff, you will already know individuals who work well and have a vested interest in your business, which can help reduce staff turnover.